Ep. 158 – Updates, League News and a Clash willing to take the D for an Admin role

Sneak Peaks discussed. the new Spectator slots and possible abuses and annoyances this will create. Builder Hall 1v1 is not seeing any love from the listeners.

Rig announces his new role as NDL commissioner. Michael from PWC wants to be an Admin so desparately he is willing to take the D ? smh.

GWK gets high and does bad impressions ! Brg from BBC talks about the Clan going RIP.  CWL , NDL and Casual Play discussed. Omar Serry calls in from Egypt.

PS. this is only HALF the show. there is another full Hour on Patreon. it was just too far off the rails and would scare most of you. Rig talks conspiracy theories, AJ might be an Alien discussed, Clasher admits to buying Alex Jone’s seeds, Rig shares his YouTube history and a Leaf Blower hell bent on ruining the podcast.

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