Ep. 157 – Adam makes Rig an Ultimatum. Rage Quits

in probably the most shocking turn of events from this podcast it must be heard from beginning to end. let me explain.

Adam while taking insults, from reputable prankster Hurgoth of Golden Goblins fame, makes Rig choose sides. “Either he goes or I go” Put in the most uncomfortable of situations, Rig does what anyone in 2017 would do. Makes a Twitter Poll. Before the results can even be tallied Adam Quits the ByeForever Show discord channel vowing to never return.

Rig now left without a cohost needs to explain what happened and what is next. CRAZY CRAZY

Next Up, Kronos VS Spartans Legacy recap. the YT audio, the beefs and why all the hate on the NDL’s first Champion Clan War. BUT as we get into the deets , AJ the DK aka AJ the Stalker aka AJ the virgin pops up into the voice channel with who else than Rosanna his fiance.

Rosanna answers all questions about AJ. if you find yourself mesmerized by AJ like most are. this is an instant classic.

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