Ep. 156 – W&G VS Dark Looters Z ; Duals & Burnt Bases


Probably one of the Craziest episodes in a long while. War&Glory go FC cray cray with hand delivered Bases from Jacob aka mr.chua a TH11 who has Dual membership in W&G AND NorthRemembers.

Laughing about it on Twitter calling DarkLootersZ,  #lazy, #DLaZy W&G eggspose themselves for actually breaking a CWL rule. Were the bases burnt ? Did W&G need them to win ? Will Admins uphold their RuleBook and enforce a player ban or even a Clan Ban ?

Rig has first time guest Darth Texas from Semper Invicta to discuss TWC’s return to streams with an amazing audience for the Golden Goblins VS Persian Clan War. Rig asks about TWC and darth explains everything from the differences from FP wars, upgrading TH3 to TH6 in Gems, Gem brokers ? and more.

PLUS, meet our new contributor, HillBilly ! explaining how YOU can be FP.


someone is busted jerking off in voice. this is so cringe you just have to hear it as a female Clasher tells her story about the moaning heard thru the voice chat. Spoiler: The accused cums forth !