Ep. 148 – New War Matching Algorithym & Week 2 Predictions


Rig joined with Adam and DeadPlate discuss a very exciting YouTube Video that Clash with Ash does about a Commnuity Manager of SuperCell Games that is willing to talk about the new War Matching that will be introduced in the next update.

Defense was always the primary factor. How will the new way affect wars ? can they fix engineered clans ? We discuss the what ifs…

Adam starts off his round of Pickems for CWL Season3 Week 2 as Rig, DeadPlate and Adam take guesses on who will come out on top this week. you can make your pickems here


Clash News-

ICL stars this weekend !

Scottoria retires from streaming. check out his final goodbye tonight 8/8/2017 at www.twitch.tv/scottoria

Rigoletto Leads a new Clan – The FrozenStone #RRG98Q2L

apply at the discord www.discord.me/byeforever #FrozenStone Clan channel

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