Ep.147 – PWC penetrates Reddit Omega, Ruins Week 1 of CWL

Reddit Omega’s clan security has been relaxed for too long and pays the ultimate price. For months a member of GG has bragged about being in the clan but one of their leaders did not believe it. Now PwC, who claims to have had account access for at least 6 months delivers the ultimate blow as the 3rd Season of CWL kicks off today.

DaveTheBrave ,an account purchased by a member of RO, awakens today like a sleeper cell held dormant for months. Leaping into action and hijacking Reddit Omega’s spin time to scrim not Dark Looters Z but a hunt clan known as Playin Wit RO. The caught off gaurd Co-Leader’s only reponse at the time of attack was “uh”. another “?”

While this is a sad day for CWL and Reddit Omega this is even more sad at the reality and risk that buying accounts can do. Accounts that come from within the Elite War Community can be used like illegal passports to gain entry into well know Clans. Can you be safe ? Is there anything we can learn from this ?

Rig asks the questions to PwC themselves. Nick & Joe(TurtlePower)

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Special shout out to the Invite Clans this week. Be Safe !