Ep. 143 – Tier 1 breakdown for new TH10s / Jake’s new Video Game / War Recaps


Rig welcomes Blondie back and we have a full panel. DeadPlate, Colonol Mustard, Joey IT & Adam join to talk about Jake from OneHives new Video Game venture. What should he call it ? Will it have Bees ? Can you Mod it ?

Rig wants to talk about the Tier system for TH10. Whats the best way for a TH9 that just went to Ten to go about his upgrades ? How does it affect the roster ? We discuss how the new Tier system can help you.

Clash News; gch and CCL from The Swarm join Golden Goblins, CCL has trouble loading XMod, and more clashy news BONUS: if you are part of Patreon then you will experience the worst Tinder pick up artist ever ! POCK ! Rig gets access to his account and we read off his best (worst ) lines.

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