Ep. 142 – ByeForever on YouTube, War Recaps, and Black MoonFace

Sorry for the delayed upload. 4th of July caused some disruption to the schedule.

Rig talks about being on YouTube finally. Being on cam, more responsiblity to getting the show out. and the purpose of the YouTube channel now.

BlackTiger admits to having a private server but adds a black moon face emoji to the end of his confession. Rig asks why MoonFace can allow anyone to say anything they want. Was it a joke, was it the truth ? SuperCell takes admission of modding from 3rd party sources as a reason to ban.

Adam discuss’s War&Glory’s chances at winning.

Rig talks with Joey of IT about the new ICL league that is forming and what are its plans.

thanks for supporting the podcast thru all its changes. including bad Audio on this show.

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