Ep.140 – The Swarm Catch a Ban during CWL SEASON 2 ROUND 2 Finals !


Thursday, 2 days before CWL Round 2 Finals, The Swarm are Clan Banned right out of the Playoffs. The Swarm, a heavy favorite to win the Championship War, have been benched by SuperCell in a ban sweep. This news is both shocking, upsetting and exciting for the rest of the League Clans as everyone is fighting in Final 8.

While at work i recorded this podcast with no equipment but made sure to add our lovable discord server to the conversation. Adam, Tybo and TumTum join me as well as callers from all over the Clash community about how they felt about this ban. Are there more ? How will this affect CWL finale ? Will BFE go all the way ?!

Thanks for the support. its why i jump at every opportunity to talk Clash. thank you !

dont forget. the War of the WEEK (at least it should be) BFE vs IT this weekend 6/24-25th on Twitch ! look for Scottoria and Pyrate Potter in the Clash of Clans Streams !

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